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MICE infrastructures
Why Jeju?
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Major schedule
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MICE infrastructures / Team Building Program

Transparent kayak

- No. of Participants : 1-3 / 1 boat

- Duration : 30 mins

parasailing & Jetboat

- No. of Participants : 8 / 1-19

- Duration : 40-50 mins / 15-17 mins

Jeju diving experience

Experienced instructor will teach you how to scuba diving with the safety equipments and make you feel comfortable even you have never experienced the Scuba diving before.

It will be the unique team building program to give you the chance for experiencing Jeju's clear and beautiful Sea.

- No. of Participants : 1-

- Duration : 2-3 hours

Horseback riding

There is a Korean saying, that horses should be sent to Jeju Island, and men to Seoul.

That proves their popularity about the Jeju horse.

You can experience horseback riding with green grassland. 

- No. of Participants : 1-40

- Duration : 7-30 mins

Extreme Sports - Big Ball

- No. of Participants : 1-3 / 1 Ball

- Duration : 1 mins

Dynamic Maze Jeju

Maze Land is a theme park boasting the world's longest stone maze, measuring roughly 5.3km in total length. The maze is made mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju and is created to reflect the Jeju's three principle items or "Samda," which describes the things abundant on Jeju Island: rocks, wind, and women. Not just a fun activity for you and your friends, the maze is also good for your health, as the stones emit high levels of far-infrared radiation and the wood (T. occidentalis) produces a large volume of phytoncides. The park, with its variety of trees several decades old, is the perfect place for "forest bathing" in which people surround themselves with nature (particularly trees) to soak in the natural benefits.

- No. of Participants : 2-

- Duration : 20-30 mins

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